Deck Roofs - Instant Roof Strategies Anyone Can Use!

Deck Roofs - Instant Roof Strategies Anyone Can Use!: "You have many style options if you are considering adding deck roofs to an existing structure. There may also be an already existing deck roof over a living space for your home. If the latter is your particular situation, chances are the roof for this structure leaks.

These are the flat top roofs that double as a type of sun porch or patio roof. The statistics for flat roofs leaking stands at 90%! This is also a major concern if you are considering adding a roof to your deck, and the plan is to tie into your existing house roof.

There are many style options for deck roofs that will not pose any leak threat to the area. You may choose to build an architecturally interesting Japanese garden roof structure over your deck. These open-air designs will filter the sunlight while preserving the outdoor feeling of the space.

You may also choose a roof surface that is solid but use opaque surfacing material. This will allow a bit of shade without sacrificing all the ambient sunlight. These two types would usually be built over the deck without attachment to the house.

If you are adding deck roofs that need to be attached to your home, your best bet is to contact a professional contractor. You are pretty much guaranteed to cause leaking if you attempt this process with little or no experience. You cannot simply nail the new roof to the old one.

There must be great care given to the integrating of the two roofs systems through the use of flashing and barriers against the elements. It must be constructed in such a way as to direct the rain away from both structures. Otherwise, you will have new leaks inside your home, as well as unwanted water accumulating on your deck.

The existing deck roofs over living spaces need to be sealed in order to stop the damage that result from continuous leaks. There are new technologies in materials and procedures that finally put an end to these troublesome areas. The coatings are durable and resistant to damage caused by using these areas for patio spaces.

It is best to have a whole system applied to these areas instead of the seasonal patching used by most homeowners. Ultimately the repeated patching is a waste of money and compromises the overall integrity of the structure."


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