Solving Roof Problems

There are tons of home problems that people face all the time from leaking pipes to sockets not working and other minor problems. One big problem that really gets the blood boiling though is a roof related problems.

A hole or a leak in the roof just brings the whole house down. Big hole or small hole, it doesn't make any part of this problem simple. This problem could be related to an unfinished roof, storm damage or even worse, a hole that you can not locate. In any case, you need a quick fix and you could do it your self temporarily.

It is best that you contact a professional to fix your roof, but for the mean time to keep your home and belonging dry and this will help you out. First of all remember that it's never advisable to step on to the roof. You can fix your roof without stepping directly on it, otherwise you might end up on one of those funny video shows where the guy always falls off the roof or into the house and trust me, you wont be the one laughing.

Materials you'll be needing are tarp or plastic, weather tolerant rope, stakes, a ladder and work gloves, all materials available in a local department store or building supple store. First you need to measure the distance from your roof to the ground. Whatever the measurement, multiply it by two. Now take the weather tolerant rope and get amount you just computed. If you measure 20 ft, then you'll need 40 ft of rope for each corner of the house.

Next you need to secure stakes into the ground, be sure to leave enough space for the rope to be secured. Now double the rope and tie it through each hole in the corners of the tarp. Then bring the rope down and secure it in the stakes of all corners of your house.

If you have pavement then you'll have to use large utility blocks to secure your rope instead of stakes. Whatever you use, just make sure it's heavy enough and it won't be easily moved by strong winds or the such.

Now remember, get your roof fixed by a professional immediately. This is only a temporary solution, and not the prettiest one at that but you do what you have to do keep the house safe and dry.


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